Community and Youth

— C and Y —

 Our first community development efforts were the reasons for the formation of UWF. The 2007-2008 famine and drought that devastated the Arsi area, especially the Uta Wayu zone was what propelled the formation of UWF. In 2007, before the formation of UWF, the founding members of UWF raised over 10K to mitigate the relief effort. In 2018, UWF sponsored the Arse Basic School Movement (ABSM) legacy event held in Portland, Oregon. The Foundation plans to engage in various community development projects events in the upcoming years.  

Youth Engagement:

Uta Wayu Foundation has worked with young people and their families to advocate and reinforce the values of hard work, responsibility, accountability, and leadership development. To this effect, UWF has sponsored Uta Wayu soccer club for the last five years. This is projected to be expanded to other youth groups from Uta Wayu area. The rational for this idea is that, when you keep these young men engaged, you indirectly keep them of various troubles and create more conscious young men.

In addition, the youth both here in the United States and Oromia require abundance of role models and mentors. In Oromia, the culture of volunteerism and giving back to community is less practiced. UWF work to create a network volunteer programs to help the community, while revising a dying culture. UWF believes engaging the youth is the best way to revisit the values and effects of volunteerism as self-lessely displayed by our forefathers of Arse Basic School Movement.