Funding will be raised through pledges from individuals, business groups, and families. Each funding strategy would have a unique approach. In all of the various funding strategies listed below, the funds will be organized into three categories.

Specific school fund

Any scholarship funder can choose a specific school for his/her/their funding to benefit. For instance, individuals or groups providing the scholarship can earmark their funds for a specific school. E.g Watara. These groups or individuals would have to be sure they are committed to this school for the long term. This type of funding is geared towards someone or a group of people who wants to commit to a specific school for the long term with UWF facilitating the effort.

General Fund

The general funds will be deposited in scholarship specific subaccount and will be used for general scholarship needs only. This fund is geared towards someone who wants to provide short a short-term or one-time donation. Although the funding does not specify specific schools or criteria, it will be earmarked for scholarships.

Funding for a specific specialty

This Fund is like a general-purpose fund, but it is geared towards a specific field of study. For instance, the individual funding this scholarship can earmark his/her funding to go towards students who are interested in studying medicine, nursing, etc.

Level of Sponsorship

Group Fund Sponsors

This is where we group of few people come together to fund a single individual’s education to completion. For instance, the young man in medical school is funded by 3 people until he finishes those 7 years of schooling. Many people have shown interest in this strategy. Our goal will be to find interested parties and group them. We will match them with the pupil if needed. They will communicate with each other and UWF mediates the process.

General Fund Sponsors

These will be an individual (s) who give money earmarked for education at any level without specification. The money will go to the scholarship fund pool.

Business sponsors

Businesses (especially Oromo owned) will be targeted to sponsor scholarships and our annual events. They will be given due credit at our reception. We can give out plaques based on the amount of sponsorships. (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze).

Family sponsors

Most people would love the idea of upholding their family legacy. We will seek people who are interested in funding a scholarship in the name of their families or individual family member. We will give them a plot form where they can speak of the legacy of these individual (s). This scholarship could for general funding or school-specific services.