As in the case with education, there is a significant disparity in healthcare services between urban and rural areas. The needs for healthcare services such as clinics, hospitals, and rural healthcare services are beyond the scope of what UWF is able to address at this time by itself. However, the foundation focuses on the basic needs such as clean drinking water, public health education, and healthy life style services. To this end, UWF have protected two spring waters supplies in Gaara Duuro area with help an organization named here4them. The community provided in-kind contributions through volunteer labor, while UWF provided the financial resources, and Here4them provided the human resources. Such projects are planned to be duplicated in other villages in Uta Wayu area.

UWF was also keen to providing emergency relief during #Oromoprotests of 2016. UWF was the first organization to organize fundraising efforts with concerned groups. Through the efforts of UWF, thousands of dollars were contributed for both medical and emergency relief. In addition, the foundation plans to work with organizations that deliver healthcare to these villages and support those efforts both financially and with human resources.